My 2 decades of church planting have included successful team development and church starts, healthy hand-offs, leaders developed, disciples, baptisms, miracles, best friends, betrayals, fundraising, an economic crash when we lost everything, 4 thriving plants and one dead one, a  burnout that landed me in the hospital, severe depression and anxiety, faith, redemption, and just about every other mistake and joy a planter could endure. By God’s grace, all of this has inspired me to prepare and care for people like you – church planters, missional leaders, and disciples seeking to love Jesus and their neighbors.



Thinking of planting a church?

Are you thinking about planting a church? Start by asking these ten questions: 1. Am I called to plant? The calling to start a new church as lead planter is not for everyone. Take time to prayerfully seek the Lord’s direction. You do not want to plant a church...

Nail down your 3 year budget plan

Summer is a great time to prepare your budget for the next year. You may think it is a bit early to do so, but there are some good reasons you want to be ahead of the game on this: August is the best time to hit it hard with fundraising, if you’re going to do so. Most...

Why every church planter needs an oversight team

Unless you are planting with a leadership team in place that has experienced elders who know  the challenges and peculiarities of a new church, you’ll want to put together a temporary governance team who can serve as your board during the first 2-5 years of your...

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