My 2 decades of church planting have included successful team development and church starts, healthy hand-offs, leaders developed, disciples, baptisms, miracles, best friends, betrayals, fundraising, an economic crash when we lost everything, 4 thriving plants and one dead one, a  burnout that landed me in the hospital, severe depression and anxiety, faith, redemption, and just about every other mistake and joy a planter could endure. By God’s grace, all of this has inspired me to prepare and care for people like you – church planters, missional leaders, and disciples seeking to love Jesus and their neighbors.



How to plan your next sabbatical

You read a lot these days about pastors burning out. The statistics are ridiculous (like those found here), and I had become one of them. I had been consistently working 80-100 hour weeks for 10 years of planting churches. One day, I started fainting, visited the...

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